Repossession Company TrainingThe Ultimate Package!

Save precious time and avoid costly mistakes by equipping your team with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and feature-rich repossession training available.

Including: Comprehensive Online Courses for Company Owners…

Repossession Company Owner Compliance Course

This course is the only repossession owner’s course in existence. It is a comprehensive course designed for the role of an owner that covers Federal and State laws and regulators, the recovery process and best practices from an owner’s point of view. This course has four add on lessons for CA, FL IL, LA, that are only for those owners that operate in those states.

Career Review and Development

This course is designed for the repo company owner. It teaches how to effectively evaluate your staff, utilize performance improvement plans, and how to properly conduct an internal investigation. The tools learned in the material will help you to better develop your staff without having to fire and hire so often. This will lead to more productivity and professionalism, as well as extending employee retention.

…And High Quality Online Certification for Employees!

Agent Certification

This is a comprehensive course designed for the role of an repossession agent that covers Federal and State laws and regulators, the recovery process and best practices from an agent’s point of view. It has a lesson for CA, FL IL, LA, for those agents that operate in those states.

…And a Wealth of Online Training for Both Owners & Employees!

Practical Skip Tracing

This course covers practical and easy ways to find debtors utilizing free (or low cost) resources and includes real life case studies. Imagine how much more profitable you would be, if you use this knowledge to find 5, 10, 20 or more pieces of collateral every week!

Repossessor Safety Moments

This course will provide your agents 36 safety moments that are drip fed in groups of 3 each month over 12 months. These safety messages can greatly reduce injury, accidents, and civil liability in your organization.

Cyber Security Awareness

This course covers real-life daily issues with e-mail and Internet browsing, and practical tips for avoiding common mistakes that could become corporate nightmares.

Active Shooter

Active shooter scenarios seem to be a common occurrence in the world we live in today. This course is designed to train owners and staff on how to respond if an active shooter event were to take place at your company. This course could save lives, reduce injuries and stop an active shooter in their tracks.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workforce can bring monetary liability and unwanted bad press to a company. To reduce that risk and for moral responsibility, this course will educate your staff on what sexual harassment is, what types of actions are unacceptable, and how to act properly.

Cultural Diversity

This course is designed to bring an awareness of the importance of respecting the cultural differences of others within your organization. Not only can it reduce the risk of company civil liability, it will help to ensure that every employee in your company is treated with the basic human decency they deserve.

Business Ethics

This course is designed to bring about a moral awareness on what is ethical and what is not in today’s business world.

Setting the Standard in Repossession Training

All of the training needed for success in the repossession business from the best minds in the industry made available online and packaged together at one low cost!
Brad Shrader

Brad Shrader


Brad has been involved in the repossession industry for nearly a quarter of a century. He has owned a recovery agency that executed thousands of successful repossessions every year for over 100 steady clients without incident.
Michael J. Willer

Michael J. Willer

Vice President of Sales

Michael J. Willer is vice president of, LLC. Mike has over 20 years of direct sales and consulting experience to the financial compliance industry.
Robert A. Cook

Robert A. Cook

Legal Counsel

Robert is a founding partner in the Hudson Cook, LLP Maryland office. Robert was a Founding Member and current President of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers. 
Eric L. Johnson

Eric L. Johnson

Legal Counsel

Eric is a partner in the Hudson Cook, LLP Oklahoma City office. Eric is listed in the 2016 edition of The Best Lawyers in America® in the practice areas of Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Litigation and Litigation-Banking & Finance.

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