Why Take Auto Repossession Training?

Employees of creditor, forwarders, auto repossession companies and repossession agents are all taking some sort of yearly training. Have you ever wondered why you are doing so? I think most readers have answered that question in their mind, but it may be an uninformed answer. Was your answer, “To get a certificate”? Or maybe, “Because a vendor manager told me I had to”? A reason often heard is because if the training isn’t taken, work from a certain client will stop.

Is That a Good Reason for Training?

Only if you think going to college just to get a diploma is a good reason! Or maybe you’d choose a surgeon to perform a lifesaving surgery on you, solely based on him receiving a diploma. Wouldn’t it matter more if the doctor actually gained an extensive amount of knowledge in medical school? Would you want a mechanic working on your wrecker that only worried about getting a certificate? Or one that actually learned everything about how to repair vehicles? Your first choice in retaining a lawyer to represent you in a divorce would be the one that learned the most about divorce law. Not the one that managed to get his law diploma, just so he could get more clients. The person that has the most knowledge, is always the best choice in any decision. So why, in the auto repossession industry, is a training certificate more important than training knowledge learned?

More than a Certificate

More than a certificate, there should be one main reason for taking auto repossession training. It should be to save the creditors, forwarders, insurance companies, and auto repossession companies money. How can that be? They have to pay for training, so it is an expense, not a savings. Right? Wrong! Actually, the money spent is greatly outweighed by the money saved. The savings is realized by minimizing employee turnover, reducing risk and producing better managers and repossession agents. It is saved in an even greater way, when an entire industry is professionalized by training and standards. The benefits that result are immeasurable and not just monetarily. The larger pay off will be seen in quality of company environments that develop and how the auto repossession industry, as a whole, will be viewed by government agencies and the general public.

If you are an auto finance company, bank, credit union, or forwarder, please contact us about customized training packages for your company here. If you are an auto repossession company owner, be sure to check out our training packages here, and begin to change your company’s future and the future of the auto repossession industry.