The Recovery Standard Repossession Company Owner Compliance Course

$350 $300

Recovery Standard is an online repossession compliance training course with available inspection and vetting services.

Recovery Standard is the first and only online compliance training and certification course and exam. Built specifically for repossession companies in conjunction with Hudson Cook, llp, lawyers well known by your creditors and in the consumer credit industry in general.

Our team has close to 75 years of combined experience in the asset recovery, investigations, and virtually all aspects of state and federal consumer financial services and privacy law.

We offer a complete online repossession owner company compliance course with examination:

  • Specifically designed for repossession company owners, our compliance course was developed and is maintained for compliance updates with Hudson Cook, llp
  • The course takes the participant through all aspects of the repossession transaction from federal and state laws and regulations to crimes and best practices
  • Upon completion of the course the repossession company is provided an operations manual covering 10 chapters of material from Employment and pre-screening, telecommunications, non public information disaster planning and more



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